Art Maps

Illustrated Art Maps® of your best-loved localities in, out and around the great Badger State (Wisconsin, that is).                   

In the Studio

Art Show Set Up

A gallery without boarders in the form of a traveling art exhibit.

Studio Time

Inspiration comes from ever changing cityscapes and skylines around WI.

Brush to the Paper

In the studio painting, the greatest experience in the world.


Reflections of Wisconsin, both the untamed and civilized, from architecture to urban scenes and subject matter. Art prints and originals of places found nearby.                    


A native of Wisconsin, James Steeno is an independent artist/illustrator in Milwaukee. Born and raised in Green Bay, he began art classes at a young age.  He holds a Baccalaureate of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis...


We all live in a global world, but I believe local variations give art a place and tremendous interest. Enjoy browsing my shop.                      

James Steeno Gallery

An art booth at a local show, a table top display at an arts show, a virtual gallery, it may be found in a metal basket at a local arts shop and gallery, and anywhere art is alive and kicking.                   

James Steeno

Outdoor Art Show Booth

Some people vacation in tents, my tent is an active art space.